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Expedition by Arthur Vogelsang

April 6, 2011

Expedition by Arthur VogelsangExpedition by Arthur Vogelsang is available through the Ashland University Bookstore, Small Press Distribution, and, among other online and independent booksellers.  Here’s a sampling of the attention Vogelsang’s book has received in the last few months:

  • Arthur reads “The Nut” as a feature on Boston Review during poetry month
  • A review by Barbara Berman at
  • An interview with Arthur Vogelsang and review of Expedition was featured on Yaakov Murchadha‘s blog
  • #4 on SPD’s Poetry Best Sellers List for February
  • A review of Expedition was featured on the February Small Press Bookwatch
  • “Help” was poem of the day January 14, 2011 on Poetry Daily
  • “Changed My Mind” was poem of the week December 8, 2010 at The Missouri Review
  • “Reductive” appears in the September/October 2010 issue of Boston Review online

“We have in Vogelsang a poet furious with history but attempting a mad escape.  It’s a swollen poetry, maximal at the least and packed with his rare rage.  Sexual, sizzling really, and full of indestructible stories of fragility.  Local as Pop art, it has international shadows—demotic, properly tilted, and glowing.  The stories are ardent; the double binds are musical.  The museums in his poetry are perturbed or disturbed spaces, and the language of surveillance and trembling is upon us: the poetics of a panicked or manic Kafka.”

— David Shapiro

“. . . generated by energetic, unconventional inquiry into all manner of human experience . . . . the sweeping, ironically interrogative aspect of the poems . . . the authoritative, oddly direct original persona . . . . These are dreamlike yet wide awake poems, and they are vulnerable, despite their big-time bravado.  They are doors, opening onto new vistas.”

— Carol Muske-Dukes, The Los Angeles Times

“What I love most about Vogelsang is his mind, prophetic, wild, loony; and his language, rapturous and ironic.  The two work together, indeed they are one—the mind, the language.  This is true of much poetry, but it is steadily true of Vogelsang, who is the purest poet I know.  I have a feeling (a thought?) that Vogelsang is stretched out over a boiling globe, that he’s trying to enact some control over the chaos he lives in, we live in, that he reflects that chaos in his poems, that he enacts (rather than re-enacts) that chaos, which sometimes seems like the true madness, even the true horror, of existence.  He has reached a new level of lyric elegance and has become an absolute master at what he does.”

 — Gerald Stern, The Iowa Review

ISBN: 978-0-912592-71-8 | $22.95

For more information about Arthur Vogelsang and Expedition, visit his website:


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